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A Day with Olivia’s Herd

Olivia’s herd horses shown here are boarded at Flying Y Ranch and Lowder Farms...


Olivia’s Herd: Caring for Special Needs Horses

The horses in “Olivia's Herd” are the Thoroughbred Retirement Foundation's horses that are most...


In Memory of Come Talk to Me

Come talk to me (2)Come Talk to Me has been a tough horse from the start. After retiring from the track and earning $142,000 in 46 starts over 6 years he wasn’t close to being done. After a short rehab he quickly found an adopter with his good attitude and sturdy legs. For 6 years he and his adopted owner never stopped. Come Talk to Me was a willing, happy and healthy horse until he contracted EPM. He came back to the TRF to finally be retired and was sent to our South Carolina farm to avoid the harsh, snowy winters of NY where he had be residing most of his adult life. South Carolina had milder weather and softer ground for the horse that wasn’t going to let a little disease get him down. He lived happily with his herd mates for many more years – never causing problems and wanting to live. In November of 2013, that look in his eye was gone and we knew he was finally “tired” of living with EPM. He will be missed.



Olivia’s Herd in South Carolina

Dime Novel

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Olivia’s Herd in Oklahoma:

Left to right: Fat Lear, Golden Axe and Payasito

The new guys: Bebobbin Baby and Effingham

The new guys: Bebobbin Baby and Effingham

Olivia's Herd welcomes two new members
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In memory of two very special horses: Rocking Josh and Khastan

In memory of two very special horses: Rocking Josh and Khastan

Sadly, we had to euthanize Rocking Josh and Khastan this past month. Rocking Josh, who was 24 years old, had 108 career starts and nearly $560,000 in earnings, was one of the most accomplished racehorses in our herd.  He was a TRF favorite because of his sweet disposition and size. He was bright chestnut and stood close to 18 hands tall in his prime.  Khastan, a mare who made all of her 31 career starts at Thistledown in her native Ohio,...
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