Meet the new guys

Wichita Lineman and Flies With Eagles! Both horses reside in South Carolina and make perfect additions to Olivia’s Special Care Herd. See their bio’s to learn more.

Olivia’s Herd in Oklahoma 2015 thus far:

Bebobbin Baby

Very sad to news to repot out of OK…We had to euthanize, long time favorite, Flashy Vic. It was such a hard decision to make for the farm owners and us. He’s always been a hard keeper and has to spends every winter in the barn for extra care/grain. However, by spring, he’s always ready to return to…

Olivia’s Herd in South Carolina 2015 thus far:


The horses of South Carolina had a fairly easy winter and are doing well. So well, in fact, that many of the horses had their daily grain intake reduced by half, though we did have to increase Native Tribe’s intake because he worries with his girlfriends all day. Unfortunately, we lost 2 horses to severe colic. Siouxbear and Dawn…