Olivia’s Herd – Year End Report:

Winner's GrinAfter making our autumn inspections and discussion with the farm managers we made some changes in Olivia’s Herd.  Two horses passed on and two other horses were turned out to pasture for general care,  so have of 12/5 we’ve identified four additional horses that would greatly benefit from this program.

Since the summer report, Morgan’s Grove and Highblast have both passed on. Morgan’s Grove was a 26 year old gelding who certainly enjoyed his retirement. After starting 95 times on the track and only earning $52,000, he was happy to retire to Oklahoma with his buddy Fat Lear. He became ill right before his death though blood work didn’t show anything specific – he was euthanized on September 5, 2012. Highblast was a chronic hard keeper his whole life, at the age of 21 his heart finally gave out. After starting 114 times and only earning $40,000, like Morgan, he very much enjoyed his retirement in warm South Carolina. He died in the night of November 29, 2012.

As you know from the last report, Junaluska was removed from the herd and sent to Wateree Correctional to have ground manners reinforced – he is doing wonderful there and has really enjoyed all the attention. We have also removed Fat Lear from the herd in Oklahoma. Mainly, he was in the herd because Morgan’s Grove could not be separated from him. Now that Morgan is gone, Fat Lear really doesn’t need extra feed or attention, as he’s not a hard keeper. However, he does have an old slab fracture in his right knee that slows him down from time to time, which will need to be monitored on a regular basis (like the other horses in our herd) but as of now, will not warrant a spot in this intensive care program.

Dime Novel and Remember Cass were introduced to Olivia’s herd in the summer report. As their general health has only maintained, we are taking more aggressive steps to improving their current condition. A dentist has been scheduled, fecals were pulled (came back clean) and they will start on a high fat feed next week, in addition to their free choice coastal bermuda hay (which is grown on the property).

We would also like to introduce Bustin Digits and Dawn Swoop to the South Carolina, Olivia Herd. Both horses are 17 years of age and are not keeping weight like they should in their elder years. These two will start a daily grain schedule, in addition to free choice coastal Bermuda. A dentist will check their teeth and they have recently been de-wormed. We have been keeping an eye on these two for awhile and feel now is the time to be pro-active in their health care.

South Carolina: Oklahoma
Play   After Dark Rocking   Josh
Brother   Deputy Flashy   Vic
Country   Strut Khastan
Winner’s   Grin Skip   On
Shade   the Cat Ruff   Halo
Say   Now Prized   Max
Ecssence   ofa Lady Pressin’   Your Luck
Come   talk to Me Broad   Initiative
Appleweed Fedelisima
Dime   Novel Payasito
Remember   Cass Golden   Axe
Bustin   Digits Piney   Creek Duck
Dawn   Swoop