Summer Overview

In July each horse in Olivia’s herd was seen by the TRF herd manager and then by the attending veterinarian in August. The herd is split with 14 horses in Oklahoma and 11 in South Carolina. Both regions experienced extreme heat and drought during the early months of summer but the horses were never in danger and seemed to do fine. The Oklahoma herd actually had a little too much weight going into summer and had their hay intake cut back so not to overheat. Now that it’s starting to cool down, the horses will resume normal feedings. The south Carolina herd spends much of their time under large shade trees and only come out for their daily graining.  All horses are doing well and maintained good body weight through the winter months (though it was mild) and continue to maintain their condition in the hot summer months. They are up to date on inoculations and de-worming and should go into winter looking the best they can.

A few changes had to be made to the South Carolina herd. Junaluska had to be removed because we was too aggressive at feed time and ran all of the horses off their grain and sometimes hay. As his condition has stabled and he’s showing no signs of needing special care, he will moved to the nearby prison facility to get daily handling and ground manners reinforced by the inmates. Appleweed’s condition has also stabled and is showing no signs of needing special care. However, Remember Cass and Dime Novel are aging (18 and 17) and special care would be beneficial to them both, especially before winter. Remember Cass and Dime Novel are both gray and have isolated themselves from their original herd and tend to stay very close to one another. Both horses will thrive in the smaller setting of Olivia’s herd, as long as they can stay together.